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Technicians In Training

At Precision, all of our technicians are certified. That means every hired employee must complete a rigorous four to six-month training regimen of classroom and on the road training with a professionally trained technician. That is why our technicians are capable of repairing any garage door operating system available in the market place.

Aside from proper garage door service training, all of our a professionally trained technician must:

1.Complete a full physical

2.Pass initial and continual random drug tests

3.Have a clean record (including a background, driving and credit check)

Quality garage door companies will take these measures to make sure that their employees are sufficiently trained and can stand by their word when they say that their employees are truly professionally trained technicians. It is easy for a company to say they have “professionally trained technicians.” Don’t assume this is a fact until you can see visual proof that it’s true. That’s why, here at Precision, we offer all of our customers the option of viewing our employees’ pictures, and passed drug, physical and record tests. In order to view this information online, please view below.